World Embracing Vision - T-Shirt

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Inspired by the quote from Baha'u'llah, this 100% cotton t-shirt feels as good as it looks.  "O friends...Let your vision be world-embracing"

All proceeds from the sale of this shirt (and everything else at the Baha'i Blog store) go directly towards enabling the Baha'i Blog team to continue creating fantastic content.  Thank you for your support!

This shirt is Charcoal, 100% Cotton, and Printed in California using water-based inks.  It's available in all sizes!  (Infant sizes come in black)

"O friends! It behoveth you to refresh and revive your souls through the gracious favors which in this Divine, this soul-stirring Springtime are being showered upon you. The Day Star of His great glory hath shed its radiance upon you, and the clouds of His limitless grace have overshadowed you. How high the reward of him that hath not deprived himself of so great a bounty, nor failed to recognize the beauty of his Best-Beloved in this, His new attire. Watch over yourselves, for the Evil One is lying in wait, ready to entrap you. Gird yourselves against his wicked devices, and, led by the light of the name of the All-Seeing God, make your escape from the darkness that surroundeth you. Let your vision be world-embracing, rather than confined to your own self. The Evil One is he that hindereth the rise and obstructeth the spiritual progress of the children of men".